First-tier Tribunal Procedure


  1. Max Tildsley says:

    Dear Ms Gourlay,

    You have tweeted that Arnold v Britton has had an appeal dismissed. I presumed that was a case you had been following so tried to look it up in your index of cases but it was not there.

    Have I just missed it and you have written about it or is it just a generally “famous” case that I have just not heard of.

    Presuming it to be Leasehold, what are the issues?

    Secondly, do you have anything on “set off”?


    M. Tildsley

    • Dear Max

      Arnold v Britton is not in my index of cases – it was a case which turned on the interpretation of five versions of a service charge clause in five different leases. I think it is fair to say that there is no significant new principle in the Court of Appeal’s decision, but it does refer to some useful cases on interpretation.

      A post will follow in the next week or so.

      You may find Continental Property Ventures Inc v White handy on set off. The case is in my index.

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