Management fees

7th July 2014

Westleigh Properties Ltd v Mrs J S Grimes [2014] UKUT 0213 (LC)

Paragraph 2.3 of the current, 2nd edition of the RICS Residential Service Charges Code provides that: “Where there is a service charge, basic fees are usually […]
13th October 2014

Solarbeta Management Company Ltd -v- Ms Adetinuke Akindele [2014] UKUT 0416 (LC)

We are back in interpretation of the lease territory here. This time it is the recoverability of lift maintenance costs and directors’ expenses. The lurgy has […]
26th March 2018

Urban Splash Work Ltd v Ridgway, Cunningham [2018] UKUT 0032 (LC)

This might be said to be the paradigm landlord/long lessee dispute. The facts are relatively unremarkable: I suspect that everyone who deals with service and variable […]
9th April 2018

Urban Splash Work Limited v (1) Gary Ridgway (2) Mary Bridget Cunningham [2018] UKUT 0032 (LC), Pt II

You can read Part I of this case here. It covers the background and the first three points of appeal before Martin Rodger QC, including analysis […]