Major works

2nd November 2017

(1) Ricky Gibbs (2) Carol Gibbs v Clevedon Court (Dulwich) RTM Co Ltd [2017] UKUT 0411 (LC)

This case has a rather disheartening opening, in which the Upper Tribunal, comprising Martin Rodger QC and AJ Trott FRICS, note that the parties have been […]
10th August 2015

(1) Union Pension Trustees Ltd, (2) Mr Paul Bliss v Mrs Maureen Slavin [2015] UKUT 0103 (LC)

Two points come out of this appeal. The first relates to the quality of evidence needed to show that a cost has been incurred. The second […]
13th May 2015

Miss C Waaler v London Borough of Hounslow [2015] UKUT 0017 (LC)

A note of caution before I begin: permission to appeal this decision to the Court of Appeal has been granted. For the time being however, it […]
4th December 2014

Mr Jose and Mrs Rosa Nogueira & ors v The Lord Mayor and Citizens of Westminster [2014] UKUT 0327 (LC)

Those of us who frequent the court as well as the Tribunal system will be familiar with undertakings, which are promises to the court to do […]