3rd September 2012

Continental Property Ventures Inc v White [2006] 1 E.G.L.R. 85

Does a stitch in time save nine – or (less poetically) is a tenant liable to pay service charges which have been incurred because the landlord […]
4th October 2012

Birmingham City Council v Keddie, Hill [2012] UKUT 323 (LC)

Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair England, where I lay my scene, From LVT error break (hopefully) to new clarity… for all parties to […]
4th October 2012

Crosspite Ltd v (1) Mahesh Sachdev (2) Seema Sachdev (3) Kamlesh Sachdev [2012] UKUT 321 (LC)

This is the second household in the Birmingham City Council v Keddie, Hill [2012] UKUT 323 (LC) diptych. Administration charges The substance of the dispute in […]
10th January 2013

Trevor Sadd v Ruth Brown [2012] UKUT 438 (LC)

This case contains: an interesting – but perhaps not entirely satisfactory – solution to the (now) perennial string of appeals against LVT decisions which determine points […]