23rd October 2017
Combined buildings

JLK Ltd v Emmanuel Chiedu Ezekwe [2017] UKUT 0277 (LC)

When is a service charge a service charge? It is easy, in all the hullaballoo about reasonableness and consultation, to overlook the meaning of those two […]
19th April 2016

(1) Philip Hemmise (2) Tina Hemmise v London Borough of Tower Hamlets [2016] UKUT 0109 (LC)

Fans of the heavyweights – this is one for you. In this post I bring to you the House of Lords, the Supreme Court, Lord Keith, […]
17th August 2015

Elysian Fields Management Company Ltd -v- John and Patricia Nixon; Imperial Buildings Management Company Ltd -v- John Nixon [2015] UKUT 0427 (LC)

The main point in this case is whether service charges are payable when the landlord or management company has failed to provide the audited accounts which […]
6th July 2015

The Gateway (Leeds) Management Ltd v (1) Mrs Bahareh Naghash (2) Mr Iman Shamsizadeh [2015] UKUT 0333 (LC)

I take two legal points and rather disappointing discovery from this case. The legal points relate to: 1) When rent does – and does not – […]