Interpretation of leases

18th January 2017

Thomas Homes Ltd v Colin Macgregor [2016] UKUT 0495 (LC)

In this appeal, HHJ Huskinson observed that he was concerned with the proper apportionment of the service charge costs. As it transpired however, the issue was […]
20th June 2016

Mrs Vairaven Valliammai v Mrs Denise Jorgensen & others [2016] UKUT 0218 (LC)

Headleases and subleases cause all sorts of timing issues in service charges. This appeal throws out two points. The straightforward element relates to the eighteen month […]
3rd May 2016

Christopher Moran Holdings Ltd v Laura Carrara-Cagni [2016] UKUT 0152 (LC)

If a lessee has added a new structure – or in this case two new structures – to his/her flat, possibly in breach of covenant, are […]
19th April 2016

(1) Philip Hemmise (2) Tina Hemmise v London Borough of Tower Hamlets [2016] UKUT 0109 (LC)

Fans of the heavyweights – this is one for you. In this post I bring to you the House of Lords, the Supreme Court, Lord Keith, […]