31st July 2012

Denise Green v 180 Archway Road Management Co Ltd [2012] UKUT 245 (LC)

It is a truth universally acknowledged – even if not always evidenced in practice – that the lease is the starting point when considering the recoverability […]
29th August 2013

Chris Barney, Marc Morell v Eastern Green Limited [2013] UKUT 0331 (LC)

Introduction Are deep-fried foods bad for the pocket as well as the health? The issue in this case was the apportionment of the insurance premium as […]
2nd October 2013

Graham Peter Wrigley v Landchance Property Management Ltd [2013] UKUT 0376 (LC)

Compliance compliance compliance. Would it sell as a television series to the leasehold world? Who would we choose to present it? With his extensive experience as […]
6th December 2013

Waverley Borough Council v Kamal Arya [2013] UKUT 0501 (LC)

“Waverley, an uncontaminated name, bearing with its sound little of good or evil, excepting what the reader shall hereafter be pleased to affix to it…” Sir […]