9th November 2017

Cos Services Ltd v (1) Irene M Nicholson (2) Wendy E Willans [2017] UKUT 0382 (LC)  

On its face, this was a simple dispute about the cost of insuring a building. On the landlord’s case, the following amounts were recoverable: 2014/15: £12,598.20 […]
31st October 2015

Isaac Sadeh, Deborah Kol, Caroline Ebborn v Mirhan and Azzniv (Charitable Trust), Mary-Ann Bowring [2015] UKUT 0428 (LC)

Introduction The intangibles can be the most hotly disputed areas of service charge. This appeal relates to two such items of charge: management fees and insurance, […]
23rd March 2015

Zambra Investments Ltd v Tracey Ellis [2015] UKUT 0031 (LC)

This case will have you not so much at sixes and sevens as at sevens and twelves. On one level it is simply another in the […]
14th July 2014

Qdime Ltd -v- Bath Building (Swindon) Management Company Ltd Various lessees of the Bath Building [2014] UKUT 0261 (LC)

The BBC trailer for “The Great Game” featured Benedict Cumberbatch’s modern Sherlock Holmes being thrown to the floor by the force of an explosion in the […]