Formalities for demands

31st December 2012

Harry Johnson, June Johnson & others v County Bideford Ltd [2012] UKUT 457 (LC)

The end of the year is traditionally a time to review the past twelve months. The timing of this case is therefore apposite: at least half […]
11th April 2013

Tobicon Limited v Rhiannon Collinson & ors [2013] UKUT 047(LC)

Are you being served? In this case the landlord, a company registered and based outside the United Kingdom, appealed on the ground that it had not […]
18th May 2013

Triplerose Ltd v Grantglen Limited & Cane Developments [2012] UKUT 0204 (LC)

A short decision on two technical points, the first on compliance with s.47 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987, and the second on the resolution […]
2nd October 2013

Graham Peter Wrigley v Landchance Property Management Ltd [2013] UKUT 0376 (LC)

Compliance compliance compliance. Would it sell as a television series to the leasehold world? Who would we choose to present it? With his extensive experience as […]