25th July 2012

Scarle Property Co Ltd v 177 Victoria Road (Aldershot) Management Ltd [2012] UKUT 170 (LC)

As this is my first post, I’ll start with the most recent Lands Chamber decision, which is also a short one, light on authority. Summary Appeal […]
31st December 2012

Harry Johnson, June Johnson & others v County Bideford Ltd [2012] UKUT 457 (LC)

The end of the year is traditionally a time to review the past twelve months. The timing of this case is therefore apposite: at least half […]
10th January 2013

Richard Jonathan Greening v Castelnau Mansions Ltd [2011] UKUT 326 (LC)

This appeal compares and contrasts the two Court of Appeal cases on which I have often relied in argument before the LVT as to whether the […]
25th March 2013

London Borough of Southwark v Mr C Bevan, Miss C Champenois [2013] UKUT 0114 (LC)

After the heady excitement of the Supreme Court, this decision is a return to the practicalities of procedure and evidence. It is a useful decision to […]