Administration charges

4th October 2012

Crosspite Ltd v (1) Mahesh Sachdev (2) Seema Sachdev (3) Kamlesh Sachdev [2012] UKUT 321 (LC)

This is the second household in the Birmingham City Council v Keddie, Hill [2012] UKUT 323 (LC) diptych. Administration charges The substance of the dispute in […]
19th November 2012

Freehold Managers (Nominees) Ltd v (1) Martina Piatti, (2) Polo Piatti [2012] UKUT 241 (LC)

It is always handy to have a decision on statutory interpretation which saves the time and money of an application to the LVT. This, to my […]
3rd February 2014

(1) Alexander Christoforou (2) Diogenis & Costas Diogenous v Standard Apartments Limited [2013] UKUT 0586 (LC) Part II

Part I of this case about the recoverability of costs as service charges and costs as variable administration charges is here. This second post contains: A […]
1st September 2014

Hilary Ann Barrett v Mrs Anne Robinson [2014] UKUT 0322 (LC)

Appeals on the costs of proceedings are coming at a rate of knots at the moment, and this is another. Unlike the costs decision in Dajean […]