25th July 2012

Scarle Property Co Ltd v 177 Victoria Road (Aldershot) Management Ltd [2012] UKUT 170 (LC)

As this is my first post, I’ll start with the most recent Lands Chamber decision, which is also a short one, light on authority. Summary Appeal […]
27th July 2012

Brent LBC v Shulem B Association [2011] EWHC 1663 (Ch)

Summary The issue in this case was the requirement for a properly worded s.20B(2) notification. What is most striking about this case is the court’s solution […]
30th July 2012

Liverpool Quays Management Limited v Carol Ann Moscardini [2012] UKUT 244 (LC)

On its face, this is a straightforward, turns-on-the-facts dispute about the reasonableness of service charges, but it has an interesting twist to it on the sanction […]
31st July 2012

Denise Green v 180 Archway Road Management Co Ltd [2012] UKUT 245 (LC)

It is a truth universally acknowledged – even if not always evidenced in practice – that the lease is the starting point when considering the recoverability […]