Willow Court Management Company (1985) Limited v Alexander [2016] UKUT 0290 (LC)
4th August 2016
Thomas Homes Ltd v Colin Macgregor [2016] UKUT 0495 (LC)
18th January 2017
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The 2016 Advent Calendar

Welcome to the second Law and Lease advent calendar

Once again, armed with my camera, I have tramped the highways and byways of London in search of buildings numbered 1 to 24, sprinkled glitter over artily arranged piles of baubles and evergreens, and compiled a 24 item list of service charge bijoux, all in the name of bringing a seasonal vibe to these pages.

This year’s calendar will work in the same way as last year’s. By clicking on each of the numbers below, you will effectively open the door to a snippet of information about service charges.

The doors are unlocked day by day so as to avoid the temptation to scoot through the whole caboodle all at once. They then remain unlocked so that you can revisit or catch up on days you may have missed.

You can “like” the calendar by clicking on the star (top left of the page), or share it on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

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